The Mantra Suite

Mantrapoynt products are designed to support a new and innovative approach to the equipment use marketplace. Whether you need one product to enhance your capabilities in a specific business area or you want to offer a new innovative service, enter a new market or expand and optimize your operations, look to Mantrapoynt for  your top intelligent applications needs.



MantraConnect® is a platform that digitally connects market participants who are looking for new solution opportunities. MantraConnect® uses AI (artificial intelligence) to form a new and optimized marketplace that provides you with the following capabilities: 

• Find out who is looking for what  

• Capture the reason why customers need funding and by when 

• Help customers find the best-suited offerings from your marketplace business partners


MantraConfigure® is an application service designed to help users form an equipment configuration, or “asset” definition, starting with any available digital equipment list, such as a quote or order. Using MantraConfigure®, customers (or partners) apply specifications required by potential marketplace partners and the customer’s own asset management requirements to configure an asset definition that can be quickly be funded and contains the asset information needed to manage their equipment portfolio.


MantraAssets® provides lenders, manufacturers, suppliers and customers the ability to optimize equipment utility in a way that is not possible without the specialized technology infusion of Mantrapoynt. Go beyond typical depreciation, residual or cash flow KPIs to capture and share data about usage, shared economy usage or early equipment problem detection: 

• How satisfied was your customer with the equipment performance and usefulness? 

• What was the usage across multiple users of the same equipment? 

• How likely is an asset to fail in the future?


MantraData® provides you with a cost-effective and easy to operate solution that allows you to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and “Big Data” technology. With MantraData®, you can collect data related to assets, parties, contracts and more from your marketplace systems along with the intelligence to uncover previously unseen connections across the data – both the eagle and the kiwi views. Such alternative insights lead to:

• Better decisions and the ability to offer a tailored customer experience 

• Meaningful data threads that can improve the decisions within your digital marketplace

• Provide the best customer experience with efficiency using robotic orchestrations that 

        use your data and AI to automatically drive process activity.


MantraServe® uses your investments in Mantrapoynt products to help you provide a world-class customer experience. This product service offering leverages your data and AI to optimize standard customer service activities and allows your resources to focus on activities that will exceed your customers’ expectations. With MantraServe®, unlock the intelligence of your data to provide:

• More intelligent information that improves a customer’s experience 

• Unique, valuable and actionable insights to your customers that help them achieve more 

        value from their existing investments


MantraCash® is a cash optimization product that can be connected to your digital marketplace and helps you:  

• Orchestrate and control “money” flows between all participants 

• Provide a secure, digital cash chain to reduce and control marketplace risk 

• Reduce cost of funds and risk by optimizing partner network and removing redundancy