Providing Outcome-Targeted Application Solutions

Why Mantrapoynt?

Straight talk on what we can do for you


#1. Experience

Our team has extensive experience in a variety of business applications used in the equipment management, servitization and leasing industries. We work with all Oracle applications for the Cloud , Banking, Equipment manufacturing and Leasing specialty areas. We are an Oracle Gold Partner. Our experience and expertise can help you with any project, including SaaS offerings, that will revolutionize your business and provide trusted experiences for your customers.


#2. Achieve Highest ROI

Many organizations find it challenging to achieve their target ROI for investments in new systems or technology. Our extensive domain experience can help you plan and implement realistic, usable and right-sized solutions that are outcome-oriented, and which can be rapidly deployed to achieve a high ROI…usually higher than 85%.  Most of our projects exceed ROI expectations.


#3. Guarantee

It can be very challenging to grow your business when you need new technology to create the right outcomes for your customers. The world of technology is fast-moving and expensive. That’s why our goal is to help you achieve your business outcomes based upon your company’s values and ROI ambitions. Our team of experts walk the talk! We don’t just talk about what we can do…we aim to prove it! We will partner with you in your journey. Guaranteed.


Core themes of our work

We help you continue the efficiency climb by focusing on protecting your investments made in the past. We know how to continue unlocking value from your previous core investments and help you reduce the noise and confusion that can slow you down so you maintain your path to higher efficiency. 

We help you differentiate your products and services that can make your offerings unique. We have deep industry experience and can help you identify the best investments that help you compete and win against your competitors. 

We help you innovate so you can be first and best in class. Our extensive industry and applications experience together with our ability to operationalize the latest and most revolutionary technology helps you create the necessary framework to implement new offerings so you can become an undisputed leader.