Covid-19 options now for SMBs

Low Contact Asset Servicing

 Our Asset Discovery platform's microservice-based architecture allows you to get there now! Be it for onboarding of assets or lifetime service, or lights-out operations or cost reduction, write to us at   or submit your profile below so we can schedule an introductory session on how you can reduce costs and risk for your business and employees in 3 simple steps. 

Sale-Leaseback Solutions

 Are you an SMB looking for a way to get more cash in hand instead of capital being locked in the equipment you purchased in the last 6 months or 12? If interested please submit your request to find options here through our secure form. 


Equipment Economics Optimizer

 As an SMB, are your lenders lending old style to you?  Do you know how most lenders keep the Risk on you regardless of your business situation? Do you want to pay only for what you make use of or the outcomes you purchased your equipment for, especially during these uncertain times? To learn about options, write to us at   or submit your needs below.

For Lenders and Operators

 Are you a Lender or Operator interested in partnering for outcomes with SMBs with great credit?  Write to us and we shall send you leads according to your risk profile.