Seriously...we are hiring!

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Digital Business Modelors and Architects

We are looking for those with experience in FInance, Equipment Leasing, Servitization, Payments and  Platforms.


We need engineers of all levels with experience in the Oracle tech stack, IoT technology, sensor technology and blockchain technology.

The joys of working with us

#1. Health and well being plans 

#2. Work anywhere  

#3. Work anytime  

#4. Work ONLY as long as you want 

#5. Retreat memberships   

Why is Mantrapoynt so people friendly?

In his 30 years of professional life, Mantrapoynt's founder believed that every person in his worklife is a partner. He wanted to treat everyone in the way he wanted to be treated. He valued trust and developing partners so they could excel in their own journeys. He loves SAFE (the adaptive Agile methodology) for one key reason -- a principle that practices unlocking the potential of others -- the Mantra of the modern day network-effect leadership... That's why you will find our #1  organizational value listed  is Employees First...

Please do not apply IF...

#1. You are looking for just a salary raise. We believe we can do that easily if you are the right candidate, but our Founder does not think that's what achieves the dedication required to practice our key organizational principle - commitment towards our Customer's outcomes.

#2 You are looking for just another Bay Area startup.   

#3. You don't believe you are a true stakeholder of the company. We expect that we will also have stock participants for 100% of our employees for those who are hired in the first year and throughout 2020.